Timbuktu's disappearing gold

Timbuktu, a city classed as a world heritage site since only 1988, was founded around a thousand years ago by Tuareg nomads. Later it became part of


Brazen burglars in Bergen

Police in Norway have released surveillance video of a daring raid on a museum, where burglars made off with 25 valuable pieces of Chinese art. The


Italian consumers gloomy

Italian consumer confidence has hit new lows. In surveys households said their confidence in both the current and future economic situations was


Cooking up natural plastics

It’s time for a bit of cooking at a research Institute in Brindisi, Southern Italy. The recipe is simple: a splashing of natural textiles, a good


Iran's space monkey claim

Iran said on Monday it had launched a live monkey into space, seeking to show off missile systems that have alarmed the West because the technology


Toyota is number one again

Toyota has regained the number one spot for worldwide sales. Last year drivers bought 9.75 million of its vehicles. As a result the Japanese


Kranjec wins in Vikersund

Slovenia’s Robert Kranjec produced a stunning performance to clinch his first World Cup victory of the season in Vikersund on Sunday. The 31 year

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Inside troubled Port Said

Four people were shot dead and hundreds injured in Egypt’s Port Said on Sunday during the funerals of 33 protesters killed at the weekend, part of a