Nine shot dead in Egypt anniversary violence

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Nine shot dead in Egypt anniversary violence

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Mass protests to mark two years since the start of the Egyptian revolution turned deadly on Friday when violence broke out in several cities for a second night.

In Suez, the military was deployed after eight people were shot dead, including a member of the security forces. Another was shot and killed in the city of Ismailia.

In Cairo, there were running battles with riot police as protesters tried to remove barriers outside Mohamed Mursi’s presidential palace.

Opponents say he and the Muslim Brotherhood
have hijacked the revolution and are forcing their Islamist agenda on the country, leaving many secularists and minorities without a voice.

Brotherhood supporters stayed away from the protests while Mursi called on Egyptians to reject the violence.

After watching the clashes unfold, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, our correspondent in Cairo said:
“Frustration within Egyptian society has blighted the celebrations to mark the two year anniversary of the original uprising on January 25 2011. Out of the memory of the first, it certainly looks like another revolution has been born.”