Record numbers injured as Kiev turns to ice rink

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Record numbers injured as Kiev turns to ice rink

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Pedestrians in Kiev have been running an icy gauntlet.

As temperatures plummet and the Ukrainian capital turns into a giant ice rink, record numbers of people have been hospitalised after slipping.

On January 22 alone 579 people needed treatment.

“Most of the injuries are to ankles. Sometimes people get double or even triple fractures. There are also tibia injuries. Almost 70 percent of the patients need to undergo surgery,” said Oleh Leonenko a doctor at Kiev City Hospital.

Kiev city administrators said the central streets were all salted on time, but it remained dangerous further out.

For this reason, three administrators have been fired.

Oleksandr Mazurchak, of the Kiev city state administration said:

“Kiev is around 835 square kilometres. Everything has turned to ice. It’s impossible to cover the whole city with sand and salt at the same time. We had to prioritise roads, and driveways going to schools, nurseries and hospitals. This is where our efforts have been concentrated.”