North Korea plans nuclear test, Seoul regrets decision

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North Korea plans nuclear test, Seoul regrets decision

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North Korea has announced it plans for a third nuclear rocket test. The statement gave no time frame for the experiment.

Pyongyang said the tests are “aimed at our arch-enemy, the United States.” The news comes 48 hours after the UN Security Council attacked North Korea’s December rocket launch and will further strain relations between North and South Korea.

Glyn Davies, the US Special Representative for North Korean policy, said:
“Further provocations are not going to help the process forward. They would only retard it, make it much more difficult for us to engage. It’s very important – I stressed this in my statement in the beginning – very important that North-South relations improve”.

South Korea said it deeply regretted the decision and urged its neighbour not to go ahead. The nuclear test will be the first under Kim Jong-un who has led the country since his father, Kim Jong-Il died in December 2011.