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Malian refugees flee to Djenne, NGOs struggle to tackle crisis

24/01/13 18:42 CET

Refugees have gathered in the central Malian town of Djenne, uprooted by the violence sweeping their country.

They have travelled across Mali to reach the relative safety of this camp.

One refugee explained why she came: “I fled Konna because of the bombings. It was too dangerous. I left on foot with my husband and four children. We walked for two days.”

The United Nations estimates that some 230,000 Malians have already fled their homes.

Aid organisations are struggling to tackle the humanitarian crisis, as the violence continues to spread.

Mammadou Diallo, of the Catholic Relief Service, said: “We had to leave Sevare in a rush because the jihadists were arriving, so our people were not safe anymore.”

Euronews correspondent François Chignac, in Djenne, concluded: “Fleeing the rebels’ advance and recent bombings, refugees who remain in Mali are the forgotten in this conflict.”

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