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  • Libya is facing a ‘severe challenge’ from increased extremist violence, says U.S. deputy secretary of state William Burns
  • Ukraine: One death amid crossfire at checkpoint in Slaviansk, medical authorities tell AFP
  • Spain’s unemployment rate falls to 25.73%, reports AFP
  • Ukraine says no need for currency intervention and that it expects no problems with 2014 debt payments (Reuters)
  • Ukrainian troops take control of a checkpoint north of Slaviansk after pro-Russian separatists appeared to abandon the post (Reuters)

Austenland, directed by Jerusha Hess, and staring Jane Seymour, has premiered at Sundance.

The plot concerns an Austen fan who goes to a theme park in search of Mr Darcy and of course, gets more than she bargained for. Cue wet shirts and heaving bosoms.

It is the latest offering in what is rapidly becoming a rom com sub-genre of its own: stories about women who prefer Austen’s world to their own.

That doesn’t mean it’s a complete duck though. It’s lush and silly and is just that ideal sugar/salt mix that makes popcorn so munchable. Pass the white wine, girls. Darcy, get your shirt off…

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Nicole Kidman was also at Sundance to promote her latest film, Stoker, directed by Park Chan-Wook.

A much darker, more serious offering than Austenland, it is a Gothic family drama involving death, incestuous desires, and eyebrows that slope up at the sides. The film starts slowly and builds to a climax which is, for the faint-hearted, mercifully short on gratuitous gore. Probably a must see, especially if you’ve ever secretly yearned to dye your hair jet black.

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