Canadian coordinated Algeria attack - PM

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Canadian coordinated Algeria attack - PM

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Algeria’s Prime Minister says last week’s attack on the In Amenas gas plant, in which at least 38 mostly foreign workers died, was coordinated by a Canadian.

Abdelmalek Sellal said the Canadian citizen, whom he named only as Chedad, was among the 29 gunmen killed. Canada says it is seeking more information.

“Most of the workers were freed,” Sellal told reporters, “except five foreigners who are still missing, we do not know where they are. Maybe they are in hiding, or they fled, or they were killed, God have mercy on them.”

Americans, Japanese, Filipinos and Britons are among those hostages confirmed dead. Others are still unaccounted for. Nearly 700 Algerians and 100 other foreigners survived.

In a video distributed on the internet, militant leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar claimed to have carried out the assault on behalf of Al Qaeda. He also demanded an end to French intervention in Mali.