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US President Barack Obama was on Capitol Hill where he took the public oath of office for his second term.

Along with all the state pomp and ceremony, a jubilant crowd was there to greet him, even if the numbers failed to match his first presidential inauguration in 2009.

Many in the crowd brought their hopes and fears with them, arriving in the capital from all over the country:
“We’re so excited. Our counsellor actually used to teach history and so she decided we’d be planning the year. We’re a town of 800 and we brought 48 people with us!”

Another man simply said:
“It’s the second part of the history, it’s still historic and I wanted to be here and just experience it for myself.”

Most seem happy to experience the occasion and soak up the carnival atmosphere. But others were in a more reflective mood. One Kentucky resident hinted at some of the tough challenges that lie ahead for Obama:
“In the next four years I hope that people on both sides of the aisle will really learn to compromise. It’s not about what’s best for a political party whether it be Democrat of Republican I would like to see him make decisions that’s really best for the country.”

Obama has spoken of the responsibility of handing America on to the next generation. The pressure is now on for him to deliver.

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