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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on course for a third successive term in office. But it’s tight.

Polls show declining support for the incumbent and a prediction of only 63 seats out of 120 for his Likud party and coalition partner Beitenu – the narrowest of margins for victory.

This would leave him wide open to the whims of prospective coalition partners from other quarters.

Naftali Bennett is one such prospect. Israel’s new rock star politician has burst onto the scene and gained a surge of support, threatening to derail Netanyahu’s plans.

Bennett’s fervently right-wing Jewish Home Party is determined to block a Palestinian state.

But some decry the lack of any real alternatives to Netanyahu or Bennett.

Disaffected Palestinians and Israelis have banded together to form a Facebook campaign pressing for a new way to make themselves heard.

Shimri Zameret is the founder of “Real Democracy”. He told euronews:
“This is a project of Israelis and Palestinians who protest the lack of real democracy in Israel and in the U.N. system. The idea is that Israelis give their votes to Palestinians, essentially letting the Palestinian decide what they do on election day to protest the lack of democracy.”

A peace deal with Palestine rests on all Jewish settlements being removed from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Netanyahu has promised NOT to dismantle any settlements, whilst Bennett calls for the annexation of large parts of the West Bank.

Whoever wins on Tuesday, the outcome is unlikely to make pleasant viewing for Palestinians.

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