Britain and Japan condemn loss of life in Algeria

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Britain and Japan condemn loss of life in Algeria

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Of the 37 foreigners killed during the Algerian gas plant siege seven were Japanese nationals, three remain unaccounted for.

Parlimentary Vice-Foreign Minister, Minoru Kiuchi visited the facility:

“I condemn the terrorist attack on behalf of the Japanese government and I hope that not only Japanese, but other nationals, survivors, are in a safe condition.

In London, the British government held a COBRA meeting, which convenes in instances of national emergency.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that three Britions had been killed and three others were missing presumed dead:

“ We should acknowledge the resolve undertaken by the Algerians, above all responsibility for these deaths lies squarely with the terrorists. Mr Speaker, many questions remain about this whole incident, but one thing is clear, this attack underlines the threat that terrorist groups pose to the countries and the peoples of that region, and to our citizens, our companies and our interests too,” he told parliament:

The hostage taking has rocked the region and the oil and gas industry adding a new and dangerous dimension to the political turmoil following the recent Arab Spring.