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  • Financing for the future

    Crowdfunding is a way of financing a business venture: small contributions from dozens, if not… 21/01/13 12:30 CET


  • French cinema enjoys success

    Three of four smash hits in 2011 ensured a bumper year for French cinema. Asterix and Obélix: God… 21/01/13 12:22 CET


  • Moscow stock exchange to float

    Turning Moscow into a global financial centre is the reasoning behind plans by the Moscow Exchange… 21/01/13 15:03 CET

Davos 2013



  • Visions of our moody Sun

    What causes the violent explosions on the Sun’s surface and our communication systems to… 21/01/13 17:21 CET


  • Hi-tech art restoration

    “The Statue of Hope” at the English Cemetery in Florence is having a 3D scan to analyse the stone… 21/01/13 14:43 CET

le mag

  • Paris fashion week kicks off

    Versace kicked off Paris couture week with a colourful and luxurious collection awash in… 21/01/13 16:06 CET


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