Israeli soldiers cast an early ballot

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Israeli soldiers cast an early ballot

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Unlike civilians, the Israeli military won’t get a day off for the country’s general election on Tuesday.
So instead soldiers were allowed to vote two days early at a naval base in the town of Ashdod.

Around 60 polling stations have been open over the weekend, just for the army.

Polls suggest the right-wing and religious Likud-Beitenu bloc are likely to win a slim parliamentary majority, set for 63 out of 120 available seats.

That puts Benjamin Netanyahu on course to secure a third term in office as prime minister..

That’s despite support for the government waning when corruption charges were levelled at his former Foreign Minister. Avigdor Lieberman was forced to stepped down last month.

Another ex-Foreign Minister Tzipi Livini who formed the centrist Hatnua party last year has called for a unity government in the light of what she described
an “emergency situation” facing Israel.