Locals fear for future after In Amenas attack

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Locals fear for future after In Amenas attack

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The gas plant crisis may be over at In Amenas, but in the nearby town that relies on the plant for jobs and without which there would be no local economy to speak of, there are worries for the future.

Most people here believe that after the carnage few foreign workers will want to come here, and the companies that employ them might pull out.

“Now I think all the French companies want to leave and won’t provide jobs, this is the problem,” said one man.

“It is obvious that this will affect everyone here, because all the workers want to go back home, and local staff will have no work, and no food,” said another.

This first such attack of its kind is deeply worrying for Algeria, which is highly dependent on oil and gas and has both domestic and foreign-based militants roaming its deserts.