Algerian hostage crisis: dozens freed, others unaccounted for

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Algerian hostage crisis: dozens freed, others unaccounted for

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Hostages freed from the In Amenas gas plant in the Algerian desert have been been boarding buses and aircraft to make their way home.

Algeria’s media reports that more than 100 hostages have been released.

But the Algerian government has kept a tight grip on information about the seizure by militants of the facility on Wednesday, as well as the state operation to liberate the site.

The number of hostages killed and injured is unknown, and there are dozens of people still unaccounted for.

A freed Turkish man praised the Algerian forces saying, saying “they acted very fast”.

Another released employee, British man Darren Matthews, says he fears for those being left behind:

“My heart goes out to the guys who are still there and hopefully everyone comes home safe, because at the end of the day it is only work, you know? No-one should have to go through that just for their job.”

The plant is jointly operated by Algeria’s state gas company, Norway’s Statoil and British Petroleum.