Brewing up changes in Cairo cafe society

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Brewing up changes in Cairo cafe society

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At first glance the D Cappuccino cafe in Cairo looks like any other fashionable western style espresso bar. You’ll find them in most cities across the world. But there are key differences and it’s not in the coffee. One area of the cafe is reserved for single men only.

In another section you can only order and drink your coffee if you are an unmarried female. There is another section which is set aside for families only. The cafe was opened in May and adheres to Islamic law. There are no flatscreen televisions and western music is barred. It is a small, but some believe significant, change in Cairo society.

“Psychologically it’s good to have a cafe like this where there is only calm Islamic music and segregation with men and women separated,” said one of the customers.

Our correspondent in Cairo Mohammed Shaikhibrahim concluded: “Social changes began to appear in Egyptian society after Islamists came to power including the establishment of this kind of cafe committed to the laws of Islam. Perhaps it’s the beginning of other changes which will appear in the days ahead.”