Air attacks strike in Syrian cities - reports

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Air attacks strike in Syrian cities - reports

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A distraught man carrying a wounded child through rubble and shouting “innocent children, innocent children” is the opening image on one of several amateur videos posted on a social website.

They have been unverified and show Syrian government air strikes reportedly targeting the province of Hama.

The number of dead and wounded is not clear. Syrian warplanes and troops mounted a countrywide offensive on Thursday, activists and state media said.

Further images captured alleged attacks in Damascus. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said more than one hundred people including women and children were killed in one of Thursday’s attacks on a district on the edge of Homs. Aleppo was also a target.

Pictures of devastation caused when a rocket slammed into a building in the city were provided by the government-controlled Syrian television.

It said there were several casualties and that the explosion was caused by a rocket fired by a “terrorist group” a term the government uses frequently to describe rebels involved in the 22-month-old uprising.