Leftist media is against me - Berlusconi

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Leftist media is against me - Berlusconi

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He is a man who always has much to say – on Italian politics, on Europe, business, on his standing in the country and the international community, There are those who are for him and those against. And former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has not held back in an exclusive interview for euronews.

He gives his view on a variety of topics.

euronews: “The European media, mainly we could say the international media, don’t love you a lot. Why is that?”

Berlusconi: “The media mostly leans to the left and there is a link with the Italian media that is mostly aligned to the left. There is a sort of link particularly with the Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, that cultivates all these friendships and this chain is deployed against me.”

euronews: “Is La Repubblica so powerful it influences The Economist, Liberation, Le Monde? Maybe you are giving it too much importance.”

Berlusconi: “There is a circuit and they ask each other for help. They feed each other news. And the same news is taken up. That is to say: ‘I’ll publish a piece, please pick it up’ and then it ends up as if it were the opinion of Liberation.”