Apartment block collapses in Egypt, at least 25 killed

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Apartment block collapses in Egypt, at least 25 killed

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At least 25 people were killed in Egypt on Wednesday when an apartment block collapsed in Alexandria, Egyptian media reported. There are at least 10 wounded.

The eight-storey building in a working class district of the Mediterranean city collapsed just before 7am local time. Residents said the building was home to more than 30 people.

Rescue workers used mechanical diggers and their bare hands to search through the rubble.

A history of crumbling infrastructure

Building collapses are common in Egypt and many blame them on lax building standards and poor maintenance. The Egypt Independent reveals that this particular building developed a crack in its foundation around two years ago due to a sewer runoff. Leaked water is suspected again this time.

Al Jazeera Cairo correspondent Rawya Rageh tweeted this reaction from the Egyptian Housing minister:

Last July 19 people died when an 11-storey building collapsed in the same city.

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