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  • Russia says that the new U.S. military strategy was confrontational and would not help improve relations with Moscow (spokesman)
  • Japan launches World Trade Organization trade dispute to challenge Brazilian taxes and charges that Japan says illegally discriminate against imported goods
  • Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades says the peace talks to end the island’s division are starting to show some progress (Reuters)
  • Philippines: at least 33 people dead after a ferry sinks with 173 passengers and crew on board. At least 118 survived (coastguard)
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The best of #burgergate

16/01/13 13:00 CET

The discovery of horse meat in beef burgers on sale in British and Irish supermarkets has shocked many people and raised questions about how little some customers know about where their meat comes from.

While traces were found in products at a number of supermarkets, the most controversial finding is that a burger from the Tesco Every Day Beef Burger range was found to contain 29 percent horse meat.

While for some this has caused outrage, others never miss the opportunity of a thoroughbred pun. Spurred on on by this, euronews has been cantering through the twittersphere to find you some of the best (and worst) of them. #sorry

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