Teething problems or long-term issues for Dreamliner?

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Teething problems or long-term issues for Dreamliner?

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How much damage will the pictures of passengers being evacuated from a 787 Dreamliner affect confidence in the aircraft? The All Nipon Airways flight was diverted from its route to Tokyo after instruments indicated a battery malfunction. It led to Japan’s top two carriers grounding their fleets.

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways operate around 50 of the giant jets delivered to date by Boeing. How will the order book be affected?

“As of now there are about 800 orders for the Boeing 787. If they indeed manage to look into these problems properly then I think cancellations will be limited to as few as possible,” said Kotaro Torumi an airline industry expert.

A crack which appeared in the window of the pilot’s side of the cockpit last Friday was the fifth safety problem in a week to beset the aircraft which has been heralded by some as the future of commercial aviation.

But problems arose before the first plane was even delivered. There were cost overruns and years of delays. Boeing have denied outsourcing or a rush to get the project completed due to the delays resulted in the recent problems.

A comprehensive review of the aircraft was announced in the US last week.