Havana officials say cholera outbreak "contained"

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Havana officials say cholera outbreak "contained"

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The authorities in Cuba are mobilising to contain an outbreak of cholera that has left dozens ill.

51 cases have been reported in the Cuban capital, just over four months since an outbreak in the south of the country.

The news was reported in Cuba’s state newspaper, which also says the outbreak is contained.

But three hospitals have been designated to handle potential cases.

Rumour is rife in the Cerro area of the city. Medical workers are on the scene administering drugs and chlorine for sterilisation.

“They are covering the floor with cloth soaked in chlorine,” one woman told reporters. “We are disinfecting our hands with chlorine. I think it is really important that the world hears about this story, so that people everywhere understand how much we are at risk.”

*If they are going to take precautions then I think they should do it properly,” said another. “They are being very laid-back about it. If it is true that there is an outbreak of cholera, then they should take proper precautions.

Poor hygiene in food outlets is one potential cause, officials say. Systematic inspections are underway and many are being closed.