Thousands at anti-corruption rally in Islamabad

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Thousands at anti-corruption rally in Islamabad

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Tens of thousands have gathered for a huge anti-corruption rally in the centre of Islamabad. They came to listen to a speech by Sufi cleric Muhammed Tahirul Qadri.

He has shot to fame among young and old since returning from Canada a few weeks ago and demanding an interim government be established.
The crowd heeded his call to march on parliament.
Qadri then called for the president and prime minister to resign and dissolve parliament.

Qadri says this spring’s elections should be delayed until the country’s endemic corruption is rooted out.
Riot police were on standby.

Qadri’s call has divided the population. Some see him as a champion of reform. Others fear he is a stooge of the military, which has a history of coups and interfering in elections.