Scores injured in Egypt train crash

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Scores injured in Egypt train crash

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Egypt is reeling from news of its second serious train crash in as many months.

A number of carriages derailed in a suburb of Cairo. They were packed with young military conscripts on their way to army camp.

At least 19 have been killed and more than a hundred injured.

Bystanders looked on as the rescue operation went ahead.

Things barely improved once the injured got to hospital, according to those on the scene.

Helpers spoke of a lack of medicine and poor management. “We are buying our own medical supplies,” said one man, “I have just asked a doctor to stitch up someone’s head and he says he can’t, because he doesn’t have any equipment.”

Transport in Egypt has a poor safety record.

50 people, the majority of them children, died in November when a train ploughed into a school bus on a crossing.