Over 50 Countries want Syria conflict referred to World Court

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Over 50 Countries want Syria conflict referred to World Court

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57 countries have called on the United Nations Security Council to refer the Syria conflict to the International Criminal Court for a war crimes investigation.

Signatories included many European nations including Britain, France and Germany.

The petition to the UN stated that there is strong evidence of crimes against humanity and war crimes over the past two years.

Analysts said Security Council approval would be the only way the ICC could legitimately investigate the conflict.

The call came as fresh unverified footage emerged, said to show the aftermath of government attacks in the capital Damascus and Aleppo.

Other amateur video purportedly show airstrikes by Syrian government jets on rural Idlib province.
The airforce targeted a village famous for its Roman and Byzantine ruins.

With hundreds of thousands of Syrians displaced by the fighting, sites like the Atmeh refugee camp on the border with Turkey are filling up fast.

Freezing temperatures have added to the hardship suffered by many refugees. There is no running water and a lack of food and medicine, say residents who have fled the violence.