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Europe’s Kurdish communities are grieving as one. The three women who had ties to the Kurdish PKK rebel movement and were found with gunshot wounds to the head in Paris are being remembered by millions on Saturday.

Turkey has asked the French authorities to boost security around its interests after the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy party called for protests.

The shootings have thrown a dark shadow over peace moves between the Turkish government and
jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, as the Peace and Democracy Party MP Aysel Tugluk explained.

“This murder committed, especially at such a time that Imrali talks have started, demonstrate that there are some people who don’t want Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood.

“Whenever we Turks and Kurds start to hold talks, suddenly provocations emerge and they are trying to block the process,” said Tugluk.

The motive behind the killings is still unclear. Kurdish rebels have suggested they were political. Ankara said the killings appear to have been the result of an internal feud.

Turkey, the US and the EU, list PKK as a terrorist organisation.

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