Outpouring of grief as Kurds in Paris mourn activist deaths

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Outpouring of grief as Kurds in Paris mourn activist deaths

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Hundreds flocked to the Kurdish Information Centre in the French capital to mourn the deaths of three activists, including Sakine Cansiz the co-founder of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, the PKK.

Some, such as this Kurdish man, believe the killings were organised by the Turkish government:

“It is a political murder to kill Kurdish people. We need peace, not a government to come and kill people,” he says.

But the Turkish government says the deaths were likely to be the result of an internal feud within the PKK, although this has sparked protests on the streets of Istanbul.

In Diyarbakir, the largest city in the Kurdish dominated south east, the Peace and Democracy Party was quick to dismiss the government’s claims.

Diyarbakir resident Mahsun Demir says: “They have lynched three educated women of ours in Paris, massacred them. We damn those who did this.”

The Turkish govenrment is holding peace talks with the PKK, which seeks an autonomous region wihin the country.

Ankara, along with the US and the EU, lists the group as a terrorist organisation.