A city devastated: Pakistan's Quetta reels from bombings

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A city devastated: Pakistan's Quetta reels from bombings

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The Pakistani city of Quetta is in a state of shock following bomb attacks on Thursday.

82 people were killed and more than a hundred wounded by bombs in the city, which is located near the Afghan border.

The Sunni Muslim extremist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Human Rights Watch says Shia Muslims in Quetta are living in “in a state of siege”.

Local resident Haji Khair Nazar said: “Nothing can be more cruel than what has happened. A Muslim bombing another Muslim. What can be worse than this? Just look at what they have done to our city.”

Gul Khan, another resident called for more state action: “I ask the army’s chief of staff to bring his troops out all over the country and put an end to this. So many families are being destroyed.”

Pakistan’s security forces are struggling to control the intensifying violence in the country.

As well as home-grown Sunni extremist groups, the Taliban insurgency in the north has launched several attacks in recent weeks.