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Kurdish killings: where will the trail lead


Kurdish killings: where will the trail lead


The apparent premeditation behind the killing of three Kurdish activists in Paris has caused many to ponder on the motives behind the murders.

One thing is certain the deaths and the manner of the killings, a single bullet to the head of two of the women, a third was hit in the chest and head suggests something more than a botched burglary.

Euronews journalist Andrea Simone explores the murders in more detail:

Andrea Simone euronews:
“Our correspondent in Paris, Giovanni Magi, is at the scene of the killings as security forces begin their complex and no doubt international investigation into the triple murder.
Gianni we saw a crowd of distraught Kurds protesting against the killings. You have spoken to them, what are their feelings about the deaths?

Giovanni Magi in Paris:

“Shock and incredulity. We are in the centre of Paris where a large Kurdish community lives. Since the morning when the news broke hundreds made their way here. Most of them are in shock. No one expected such a cold blooded crime.
Also the fact that this violence was carried out against women, three women activists. It emphasises the shock and level of violence involved.
For the hundreds here, there have been moments of reflection, an unreal silence. At other times slogans were shouted, anti-Turkish chants, but also against others. So there has been moments of polite calm and moments of rage, which the people could not contain.”

Andrea Simone euronews:
“There are already a number of hypothesis being put forward over what might be behind the murders with ramifications beyond French borders. Where will French investigators begin the probe?”

Giovanni Magi in Paris:
“Firstly we have to be careful as the investigation has just started, but we must be aware that just hours earlier peace talks between the Turkish government and the separatist PKK party were announced. So the police will be looking into those who may want to derail any peace process. It could be factions based in Turkey that want to sabotage the talks, or groupings within the PKK itself, we know that a number of PKK leaders don’t want negotiations. Syrian involvement is also being mentioned.
We do know that Paris is an important city for the PKK in terms of its capacity to raise funds.”

Andrea Simone euronews:
We already know one of the victims is a close associate of the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. What do you know about her?

Giovanni Magi in Paris:
“We are speaking of Sakine Cansiz, one of the founders of the PKK during the 70’s. She worked alongside Abdullah Ocalan and his brother. We know she held some top positions in the organisation. We know she has been in Northern Iraq, she then came to Europe, where she has lived in several countries, including Germany.
Lately she has been involved in getting the Kurdish message across. The death of such a high profile victim suggests a political motive behind the killings.”

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