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Today is the day Venezuela planned the inauguration of President Hugo Chavez, but the man who has ruled the country for 14 years is too sick to attend.

The face of Venezuela since 1999 has not been seen in public for more than a month.

The postponement of the inauguration, the first in Venezuela’s history, forced the Supreme Court to act:

Judge Luisa Morales is a member of the Supreme Court:

“We know this is important and the swearing in ceremony will take place. But for the moment it is not possible to say when, or how the president will take his oath.”

Details of the exact state of Chavez’s health are unclear and the opposition want him to be declared “temporarily absent from power.”

They believe the ruling party are using the constitution for their own ends.

Henrique Capriles is an opposition leader:

“ The Supreme Court has decided to solve the problem for the ruling party.”

Many thousands of Chavez supporters have travelled to Caracas in order to mark the occasion and to wish the Commander well.

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