Chavez remains president without swearing-in

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Chavez remains president without swearing-in

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No date has been set for the inauguration of Venezuela’s ailing President Hugo Chavez after the country’s Supreme Court endorsed its postponement due to his ill health.

The judicial decision which stated the cancer-stricken president remains the country’s leader without the ceremony has caused uproar among his critics.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles accused the Supreme Court of becoming politicised.

“The Supreme Court gave an interpretation of the constitution and made its decision, and it’s a binding decision (we must accept it). But we can debate it. We even have the right to do so. The Supreme Court decided to resolve a problem for the benefit of the ruling party.”

It means the South American country is in the hands of Vice President Nicolas Maduro as de facto leader of the government while Chavez continues being treated in Cuba.

Government leaders insist the 58-year-old is fulfilling his duties as head of state from a hospital bed, but there has been no evidence that he is even conscious.