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Supreme court spells out Chavez decision


Supreme court spells out Chavez decision

Venezuela’s top court has ruled the postponement of Hugo Chavez’s scheduled inauguration on Thursday is constitutionally legitimate.

The cancer-stricken president remains the country’s leader the court said. The chief judge told a news conference it was impossible to say when, how or where the swearing-in ceremony would take place and added the inauguration can be carried out at a later date in front of the Supreme Court. Luisa Morales spelled out the reasons.

“In spite of the fact the January 10 marks a new Constitutional Period it is not necessary to have a new swearing-in for President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias as he is the re-elected President and due to the fact there was no interruption in the exercise of his duties,” she said.

The 58-year-old is reportedly now in a delicate condition according to the government and so unable to attend the inauguration for his new six-year-term. He has not been seen or heard from for almost a month.

Opposition leaders were enraged by the initial decision to postpone Thursday’s ceremony. Now the Supreme Court’s ruling has quashed their appeals for an interim president to be named.