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Alleged drunk driver Depardieu leaves Paris prosecutors high and dry


Alleged drunk driver Depardieu leaves Paris prosecutors high and dry

Only days after making headlines for receiving Russian nationality, French actor Gérard Depardieu has failed to appear at a Paris’ court where he was summoned to appear after allegedly crashing his scooter while driving drunk.

The incident happened last November with a blood-alcohol level nearly four times over the legal limit. It is the second time he has failed to meet an appointment with the justice system, Depardieu’s lawyer said.

Depardieu “despite his wishes to be present and meet with the prosecutor, and without any intention of evading the justice system, could absolutely not be present today,” his lawyer stated, adding that the actor is currently in a Balkan country to finalize a deal regarding a movie depicting the 2011 Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex and political scandal.

Because of his two missed appointments with prosecutors, Depardieu will now face a criminal court. The date of the trial has not been disclosed but Depardieu will not be required to appear in person, thus avoiding further media exposure after weeks of controversy surrounding his tax exile in Belgium and his new Russian nationality.

Depardieu now faces a fine of up to 4,500 euros and two years in jail.


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