Cameron and Clegg in cosy coalition

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Cameron and Clegg in cosy coalition

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British Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg shared the same stage to deliver the coalition’s Mid-Term Review.

Both stressed the union will last the full five year term giving Britain “strong, stable and determined leadership.”

Prime Minister Cameron highlighted the difficulties ahead:

“Britain is in a global race, and that means an hour of reckoning for countries like ours. Some countries will sink, others will swim. For Britain to be a success, we need to take the tough decisions that will enable us to compete and thrive. Now of course the road ahead won’t be easy, there have always been issues on which we disagree and doubtless there will be some more in the months ahead.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg outlined what it takes to succeed in coalition:

“First an ability to reach across party lines to act in the national interest and secondly an ability to act fast and boldly to deal with those challenges- if you look at the clifftop political brinkmanship in Washington last week, look at the failure of some European governments to get to grips with some of their economic problems quickly and boldly enough.”

Both men insisted the government was making the right reforms to help the economy recover.

Not everyone agrees, Labour leader Ed Milliband accused the coalition of making “empty promises.”