Venezuelan socialists plot next move

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Venezuelan socialists plot next move

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Venezuelan legislators have re-elected Chavez ally, Diosdado Cabello as head of the National Assembly.

The move puts Cabello in line for the position of caretaker president if the incumbent, Hugo Chavez, fails to recover from complications following cancer surgery in Cuba.

Beatriz Lecumberri is a journalist and author of “The Sentimental Revolution.”

She spoke to euronews about the next move for the socialists of Hugo Chavez:

“All the rumours that speak of the internal conflict between National Assembly leader, Diosdado Cabello and Vice-President Nicolas Maduro are hard to believe, both realise that the revolution must continue and they will respect what Chavez says to maintain order.
The issue now is not Maduro or anyone within the Chavez clan.
The next conflict will be Maduro against someone from the opposition.
Chavez has said that Maduro is his heir and he will take the top job. Elections will then follow. Venezuelans will decide, for me the big question.
is, are the opposition led by Henrique Caprile, strong enough to take power at the polls? The message to Chavez’s socialists is no infighting and present a united front to beat the opposition in the election.”