Chávez inauguration could be postponed

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Chávez inauguration could be postponed

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Venezuela’s government may be trying to postpone next week’s inauguration of ill president Hugo Chávez.

Newly re-elected leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly Diosdado Cabello has told supporters “it doesn’t mean anything” if Chávez is unable to be sworn in on Thursday.

The government admits Chavez has suffered multiple complications after cancer surgery.

“Comandante Chávez, the leader of the revolution, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has been granted a permission from the National Assembly,” Cabello told a crowd in Caracas.

“Even the opposition, who were at this session, voted to give President Chávez permission to be attended to medically,” he added.

The vote by the assembly, which is dominated by Chávez supporters, confirms Diosdado Cabello as the third most powerful figure in the government.

He and Vice President Nicolas Maduro will effectively be running the country while Chávez remains hospitalised in Cuba.