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  • Israeli TV retracts report of agreement on Gaza ceasefire (Reuters)
  • EU reaches a deal to impose sanctions against Russia, targeting its oil industry, defence, dual-use goods and sensitive technologies (Reuters)
  • “Dozens of casualties” reported in what local police are calling a “terrorist attack” in China’s Xinjiang region on Monday (Reuters)

The son of Italian designer Ottavio Missoni is one of four people missing after a small plane disappeared from Venezuelan radars on Friday morning.

The aircraft was flying over the Los Roques archipelago when contact was lost.

Vittorio Missoni is the eldest son of Italian designer Ottavio, who founded the Missoni fashion house in 1953.

On January 4m 2008, a plane carrying eight Italians went missing in the same area. The wreck was never located and only the body of the co-pilot was recovered.

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