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  • Bribery trial of F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone gets underway in Munich, according to AFP
  • China passes changes to its environmental protection laws, imposing tougher penalties on polluters, the most sweeping revisions for 25 years (Reuters)
  • A car bomb in central Iraq has killed eight people, according to police, report AFP.
  • Russia’s Lavrov says he expects Geneva deal on Ukraine will soon be implemented in practical actions (Reuters quoting Russian news agencies)
  • At least three foreigners are killed after a security guard opens fire at an international hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Thursday, Afghan security sources said (Reuters)

One of the Islamist groups occupying northern Mali has said it is withdrawing its offer made last month to stop fighting. Ansar Dine, which has been taking part in talks in Burkina Faso, blamed the Malian government for scorning the offer.

The group, along with tuareg rebels, had said it was ready to cease hostilities and negotiate with the authorities after the UN Security Council gave the green light for an international armed force to be deployed in Mali to oust the Islamists.

Ansar Dine is one of three Islamist movements dominating northern Mali since June.

Meanwhile pictures of three Algerian diplomats held hostage by suspected Islamist militants since last April have been broadcast by a pan-Arabic TV channel.

The men appealed to their country’s president to find a solution over their plight.

Algeria’s government said it was mobilised to secure the hostages’ release.

Mali has become an international headache ever since a military coup removed the president in March.

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