Venezuela unsettled by silence over Chavez

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Venezuela unsettled by silence over Chavez

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Claim and counter-claim is rife in Venezuela as questions begin to be asked about the true state of the President’s health.

There has been no direct communication from Hugo Chavez since he underwent a gruelling operation in Cuba as part of his cancer treatment.

Now the opposition is demanding that the government comes clean about the President’s health.

Nothing can excuse the government from giving this information, opposition politician Ramon Aveledo told a press conference. The Vice President says he is committed to telling the truth and he should do so.

the government has never said what kind of cancer Chavez has.

Nor have they outlined what they will do if he can’t attend his swearing-in on January the 10th.

An abrupt end to the Chavez era would be a shock for Venezuela.

His oil-financed socialism has made him a hero to some but a dictator to others.