Photographer killed trying to snap Justin Bieber

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Photographer killed trying to snap Justin Bieber

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A so-called paparazzo has died after attempting to take pictures of pop star Justin Bieber in his white Ferrari.

The 29-year-old photographer – whose name has not been released – crossed a Los Angeles freeway to take photos.

Bieber wasn’t in his car at the time, which had been pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers for suspected speeding.

When the snapper was warned by police to return to his own vehicle, he was hit by another car while crossing four lanes of traffic.

Charges were unlikely to be filed against the driver who struck the photographer, police said.

Bieber was stopped by police for speeding on a Los Angeles freeway last July. He told officers he was being hounded by paparazzi at the time.

Prosecutors charged a celebrity photographer under a California law that criminalises dangerous driving when taking photos commercially, but a judge later dismissed those counts.