Monti opens campaign with pledge to cut labour taxes

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Monti opens campaign with pledge to cut labour taxes

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Italy’s outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti has promised to cut labour taxes to fuel growth on
at the start of his campaign for a second term.

Latest polls suggest the former European Commissioner’s centrist alliance wont win enough support to govern, but he’s indicated he wants to form a broad coalition of pro-Europe, pro-reform parties if he wins.

During an hour-long interview on state radio Monti said “Italians need measures to support families especially large ones. They need a functioning health system and a tax system to redistribute income from the richest people to the poorest people”

Allies until 12 days ago, the centre-right leaning People of Freedom party of four-time prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is expected to come third.
But given Italy’s complex electoral law, Berlusconi can not be counted out.

He accused Monti of being “no longer credible”, adding he had broken his word by entering the election race after promising he would stay out of politics when he took over as head of a technocrat government.

Berlusconi also said that he would cede the premiership to someone else should his bloc win the election, which could be a way of renewing his alliance with the Northern League party.