Indian protests increase over violence against women

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Indian protests increase over violence against women

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Hundreds of women have been demonstrating in the Indian capital in memory of the victim of a brutal gang rape.

The silent march was one of several protests that have taken place in New Delhi as a debate intensifies over violence against women.

The victim died over the weekend in a Singapore hospital where she was being treated for severe injuries.

Outraged Indians have been demanding the death penalty for the six men accused, with marches like this almost a daily occurence since the rape two weeks ago.

A famous Mumbai bar was vandalised by a group of women who objected to staff serving a cocktail called rapist.

Women’s rights campaigners say such practices illustrate typical attitudes towards violent sexual crime.

Congress Party lawmaker, Vidya Chavan said: “It is shameful to know that some people do not consider rape as a heinous crime and use it in such a casual manner. The co-owner, Nevile seems to think that this is some kind of a joke. I think he has no respect for women.”

One woman is raped every 14 hours according to official estimates, while women across the country frequently complain of being victim to sexual intimidation and violence.