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For many Greeks, 2013 is likely to bring further financial hardship.

In the port city of Patras, a food bank is now helping 1,000 families who are struggling to make ends meet – more than double the number it was supporting two years ago.

Hundreds more people are on a swelling waiting list.

“I’m in a really bad state, I cannot survive,” said food recipient Constantina Vervitsanou.

“My children want milk, I don’t have it. I’m trying to find a job but I can’t find work,” she continued.

As debt-laden Greece battles to get back in the black, tough austerity measures are taking their toll on household budgets.

“I appeal to anyone that is listening to help the food bank. Not with money, but with products, so that we can help the ever increasing requests from our citizens, those who are under the poverty line,” said Theocharis Massaras, Social Director in Patras Municipality.

As well as food, unused medicines and clothes are also being donated to help those in need.

The overall unemployment rate in Greece stands at 26 percent.

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