Thoughts of home for refugees from Syria conflict

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Thoughts of home for refugees from Syria conflict

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It is the season when thoughts turn to home. Nowhere perhaps is that more poignant than in the refugee camps which have become a base for those fleeing the conflict in Syria.

Thirty-two-thousand saw in the new year in the Zaatari camp in Jordan. The fighting has entered its 22nd month with no respite. The harsh winter months lie ahead.

“We used to have other wishes, but now all the Syrian people’s wish for is just for Bashar to leave and for his regime to fall,” explained one while another said: “I am expecting, God willing, a happy life, and a return to our country and our homes. May God protect our children.”

It’s reckoned the number of refugees grows around 3,000 every day. Looking ahead to 2013 the United Nations envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi has warned that further violence could create waves of refugees which may destabilise neighbouring countries.