Fireworks and festivities in New Year celebrations

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Fireworks and festivities in New Year celebrations

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There was a raucous New York style greeting for 2013. In Times square a crowd of around one million joined in a spirited rendition of the song, “New York, New York”.

Promises and resolutions were talked off too with the City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlining his goal for 2013, “I’m always working on my waistline,” he quipped.

For Londoners around the world the sight and sound of Big Ben represents the New Year.

Hundreds of thousands lined the Thames for a spectacular firework display welcoming in 2013 and bidding farewell to a year summed up by Mayor Boris Johnson as one that had “glimmered with excitement and enthusiasm”.

Fireworks too in Berlin lighting up the Brandenburg Gate. Six thousand rockets and eleven minutes of fireworks shot into the sky at midnight. It’s reckoned the numbers topped the two million mark for this party.

Spain was out to forget the difficult economic times of last year. Revellers had to put up with pouring rain in Madrid’s Sol Square.

“Health, love, everything, let’s enjoy the new year and let’s stop the crisis,” said one, while another had a request for the prime minister. “Please let’s end the crisis. Nothing has changed for me. The clock bells have rung. Rajoy where is my money?”

Celebrations in Athens ran on a limited budget due to the crisis for a third year in a row. “I am absolutely certain that we can reverse the current situation… that this adventure will end,” Greek President Karolos Papoulias stressed in his New Years message.