Preparations underway for 2013

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Preparations underway for 2013

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Happily, the world did not end last week, as the Mayan calendar predicted. Tonight will mark the end of the year instead, and preparations are already underway across the planet.

In New York’s Times Square, they are practising throwing confetti.

“It’s amazing. We have over 100 confetti engineers that come from all over the country. They’ll be on seven different rooftops and depending on the wind conditions we will prioritize which rooftop gets the most confetti.” said organiser Jeffrey Strauss.

In Vienna, an estimated 800,000 revellers will be able to follow a “New Year’s Path” as it winds its way through food and drink stands and between various sites for live music and dancing.

Meanwhile, in Australia, they are gearing up for one of the biggest firework displays in the world. 36,000 fireworks will be installed in 130 positions above and below Sydney’s iconic harbour bridge.
1.5 million specators are expected to turn up.