Moscow arrests during protests for free assembly

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Moscow arrests during protests for free assembly

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Prominent leader of the Other Russia opposition movement Eduard Limonov was arrested during protests in Moscow on Monday.

It’s understood around seventy more were detained in the city’s Triumph square. They are part of the Strategy 31 group and demonstrate on the last day of every month to draw attention to article 31 of the Russia constitution which guarantees freedom of assembly.

Those who were detained were released and could now face fines. The arrests happened on the day of President Putin’s New Year address.

“Only together can we, the people of Russia, move forward with confidence, stand up to any ordeals, solve the most difficult of tasks, and build a strong, successful country and a modern, prosperous and free community,” he said.

Strategy 31 activists say the government restricts their right to free assembly by requiring organisers to get permission which is frequently denied. The group is separate from the opposition protests which followed Putin’s party win in December 2011.