Pakistan soldiers 'executed' by Taliban militants

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Pakistan soldiers 'executed' by Taliban militants

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Twenty-one Pakistani soldiers have been executed by Taliban militants in the northwest of the country, according to government officials.

One man was badly wounded but survived, along with another who managed to escape. The others were reportedly tied up, blindfolded and shot in the head. Local tribesmen found their bodies and tipped off security forces.

The men had been captured during attacks on their posts near Peshawar last week.

The executions come two days after a video was released showing the head of Pakistan’s Taliban offering to negotiate with the government, but not disarm. The organisation has launched several high profile attacks in Peshawar this month.

Elsewhere in the country there has been more violence. In a likely sectarian attack at least 19 Shia Muslims are reported killed by a bomb that hit a bus convoy in the southwestern Balochistan province on Sunday.

On Saturday six people died and dozens were injured in a bomb blast in the southern city of Karachi.