Spanish mums strip off to save school bus line

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Spanish mums strip off to save school bus line

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A group of Spanish mothers has decided to bare all to save their school bus line.

The action for a calendar is aimed at raising some 43,000 euros after regional authorities in Montserrat, near Valencia, decided to restrict local pick-ups as part of a cost-cutting exercise.

The problem is, the mothers’ say, that now they and their children have a six kilometre walk over unpaved roads to get to class.

“The rule relates to straight line routes but those can’t be applied here as the straight line route from our village has a mountain in the middle and a massive quarry, so it’s impossible to do,” said one of the pupil’s mothers at Evaristo Calatayud school.

Stripping off has proved to be an effective fund-raiser for good causes in the past, so the mothers’ have high hopes their New Year calendar will soon see them and their kids back on public transport.