US General Schwarzkopf dies

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US General Schwarzkopf dies

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US Army General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr has died aged 78.

The Vietnam war veteran known as Stormin’ Norman led more than 540,000 US troops and 200,000 allied troops against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s army in the 1991 gulf war.

Some experts hailed his plan to trick and outflank Hussein’s forces with a sweeping armoured movement as one of the great accomplishments in military history.

The Manoeuvre ended the ground war in only 100 hours.

Earlier in his 34-year military career he led his men in two tours of Vietnam and commanded all US forces in the 1983 Grenada invasion.

In combat he won a reputation as an officer who risked his life to protect his troops.

Among his chestful of medals were three silver and three bronze stars for valour and two purple hearts for wounds sustained in Vietnam