White dome erected to hide Lenin's tomb from public

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White dome erected to hide Lenin's tomb from public

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An enormous white dome has been erected in Moscow’s Red Square to cover Vladimir Lenin’s Mausoleum which has been closed to the public for repairs.

Russian media reports that the body of the revolutionary communist leader will remain inside during the renovations.

The tomb will be hidden from view for four additional months after originally being shut in September due to a roof leak.

His embalmed body has been on display to tourists since his death in 1924.

One Moscow resident said its time to rebury Lenin somewhere else: “They made him a tourist attraction in my opinion, but you can find something else to entertain visitors. We have a lot of places in Moscow that you can show.”

But another man was adamant that he should not be buried: “What’s bad about him? He was a critical part of that time; like they say ‘without the past, there’s no present and without the present there’s no future’. So let it (the tomb) stay there, let him lay there. As they say, it’s not like he’s asking to be fed. That’s my opinion.”

More than 69 percent of responses to a large online poll last year thought it was time to bury Lenin and his legacy, which Russia’s Communist Party has rejected.